Research Institute for Social Mobility & Education

Our Story

RISE is a new think-tank, partly supported by the Research England QR Strategic Priorities Fund via the University of Bolton, to conduct research into education and social mobility policy and practice. We are not politically affiliated and aim to make contributions that influence policy and practice and contribute positively to social mobility.

Our Three Defining Features

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Advisory Board

The University of Bolton is an excellent base to investigate what works to boost social mobility and how we can all do better. So I strongly support this initiative.

Lord David Willetts


We must strive for a world where if you are prepared to work hard and do the right things, you can get-on in life. I am extremely proud of the leadership Bolton University provides in this regard.

Simon Blagden CBE


A think-tank that considers aspiration, social mobility, education and the effect throughout a person’s life is going to be able to produce some valuable and cutting-edge research.