Board Member

Caroline Cowburn

Caroline is a strong believer in the benefits of education for everyone in building aspiration, improving life chances and enhancing employability; enabling people to make informed choices leading to fulfilling lives and careers and contributing to the greater good of society.

Whilst at the same time, Caroline recognises that individuals may face multiple real-life barriers and difficulties in accessing and continuing in education, which can serve to hold them back. She hopes that the research conducted, and evidence and insights presented by RiSE will serve to draw attention to these issues, influencing government and policy-makers to consider how best they might be addressed.

Caroline has been fortunate to experience education from both FE and HE perspectives, working at a senior level in institutions and sector bodies. She understands the national policy landscape and also, the needs on the ground, to deliver the skills that employers demand.

Caroline joined the University of Bolton as Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Transformation) in May 2019, having previously held roles at the Office for Students(OfS), Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) and UCAS, and she looks forward to contributing towards the future success of the University, its students and its partners.