RISE’s focus is on aspiration, social mobility, education, and its effect throughout a person’s life.

RISE will, therefore, develop a forward-thinking, cutting-edge, evidence-based research capability that will generate solutions to the education policy debate. We want to ensure that a person’s background is not the blueprint that decides their future. Social mobility will, therefore, be at the heart of all our policy and practice research.

RISE will aim to influence social mobility policy change by being methodical, impartial, and creative in our scope. We will work with experts and leaders in their relevant fields, from universities, research institutes, and business, to create detailed and credible policy proposals amenable to action and enhancing outcomes.

The first two research projects are focused on:

  • Education Technology – generating a future proof model for learning relating to all phases of education that will provide access to high-quality education for all. We will take a fresh look at possible funding models that promote online learning and flexibility in supporting career breaks for both professional and personal reasons.
  • Bolton Case Study – RISE believes that social mobility can improve by reducing inequality in education. The University of Bolton is making progress on this and was recently ranked 12th in the country for social inclusion. However, our concern is that social inclusion does not automatically lead to social mobility. Our plan, therefore, is to conduct a place-based study on social mobility in the Bolton region, with a significant sample at a point in time to monitor and analyse the chances and choices available at all levels of education in Bolton and the Greater Manchester Area.

In addition to these initial research projects RISE will also conduct, organise, and facilitate:

  • Research
  • Conferences
  • Articles
  • Advocacy
  • Consultancy


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