Today the Higher Education regulator, the Office for Students, published their long awaited report into digital teaching and learning online.

RISE was very happy to meet with OfS’ Director of Fair Access and Participation- Chris Millward, as well as the writers of this report to share our thoughts from previous research we conducted looking at digital learning in schools and universities.

One of the most interesting aspects of the report was the development of a model detailing the 6 key components of successful teaching and learning. These 6 components are:

  1. Digital teaching must start with appropriately designed pedagogy, curriculum and assessment.
  2. Students must have access to the right digital infrastructure.
  3. Good access enables staff and students to build the digital skills necessary to engage.
  4. Technology can then be harnessed strategically, rather than in a piecemeal or reactive way, to drive educational experience and outcomes.
  5. Inclusion for different student groups must be embedded from the outset.
  6. All the elements need to be underpinned by a consistent strategy.

We believe this a very valuable model which was developed after extensive engagement with educational professionals, teachers and students. We intend to use this model to inform our next major research project looking at digital learning at HE level in international settings.

Andrea Jenkyns, Director of RISE said:

“We fully endorse this report which RISE was very happy to contribute to. This is an extensive report investigating the experiences of educators and students as the pandemic accelerated the transition to digital learning over the last year. We will refer to their excellent model in our future research”.

The full report can be accesses here:


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