Dr Greg Walker, Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Strategy) at the University of Bolton, has talked about the ‘individualised’ approach the University takes to supporting students and how this will support those who have been home educated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to RISE, Dr Walker explained how the pandemic had resulted in a big increase in home education and that the University of Bolton is aware of the impact this could have.

“All education institutions will be taking on board the impacts that might have.

“The University of Bolton takes a very individualised approach.

“We have initial diagnostics of students to make sure we know they’re at in terms of academic potential and status, and then we develop a specific approach for those students to ensure they can progress with their higher education course and prosper.

“This is particularly important in this surge of home education – and it is something we are taking seriously.”

These comments follow a report by the BBC that the number of pupils forced to learn from home because of positive COVID cases in schools had risen by 75%.

The majority of pupils forced to learn from home did not have COVID themselves, but had been in a classroom ‘bubble’ in which there had been a positive case.

The bubble system had caused huge disruptions to children’s learning, with entire schools having to close in some cases.

The Education Secretary announced that this system will be replaced with a less disruptive alternative in advance of pupils returning to classrooms in September.


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