The Research Institute for Social Mobility and Education has partnered with Leeds Beckett University and the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON), to work on a research project which investigates digital learning.

The research investigation aims to understand what international best practice in the realm of digital pedagogy looks like – and how UK universities can learn from it.

As part of this research, we are also seeking to identify how digital learning can enhance social mobility, by enabling students to develop their skills as independent, self-motivated learners.

Informants at universities in Taiwan, India, Finland, the USA and Australia will share with us their experiences of designing and delivering online courses and our Phase One report will bring together our findings from these countries to showcase the best examples digital teaching practice from countries that are considered world leaders in online pedagogy.

A study by Deloitte (2019) found that younger generations are increasingly turning to online learning to take control of their skills development. Rather than focus on one career for most of their working life, millennials are likely to seek opportunities to move into different sectors – and independent, self-driven skills development is the key that unlocks new opportunities.

Our research will identify international examples of excellence and recommend how they can be adopted locally, to the benefit of people in the UK.

Andrea Jenkyns MP, Head of RISE, said:

“Technology and the online learning revolution have the capacity to future proof our economy, to open up myriad opportunities, to level up opportunity and ensure that Britain becomes a world leader in education, equipping people of every background to compete in the ever-changing global jobs market.”


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